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Leni's Atelier is glad to introduce a brand new line of silicone masks, made by Jada La Befana, from Carnevale Creations.


Here is a wonderful symmetrical silver-coloures mask, decorated with a clear jewel on the front. The wide-eyes design allows you to wear any type of glasses on top, even thick-framed glasses.

Provided with black ribbons on both sides.


Silicone masks are particularly suitable for people wearing glasses and/or for long-duration comfort. Every piece is individually handcrafted, therefore different from one another.


Many of you asked me which kind of solution I can provide for people wearing spectacles and still yearning for a mask to wear. And here we are!

Once worn and tied up, the silicone masks gradually stays on thanks to the body temperature, becoming a sort of second skin.

Jada is a half-Italian/half-Australian artist who spent years learning the art of mask making, both in Venice and elsewhere. She is currently in Venice, busy creating new lines of products, working side by side with local artists.



For him and for her.



Gothic, Burlesque, Fetish, Cosplay, Steampunk, Alternative.




Available in different colours and materials on request


Silver Jewel Silicone Mask

£36.00 Regular Price
£28.80Sale Price
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