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Whether you're a professional or a beginner, this makeup promises a flawless finish every time.

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ™ is a combination of premium water-based face and body paints that are loved by award-winning artists globally. This makeup range offers vibrant colours and a blendable formula. Enriched with nourishing ingredients including Aloe, Avocado Oil, and Cocoa Seed Butter, it offers a soothing application and experience.  Activate with water, apply, and be amazed!


Ideal both for Corpse Painting and Traditional Gothic make up




It contains GLYCERIN

Glycerin is a viscous liquid that can come from animal or plant sources. The one used for face paints comes from plants, so it is also vegan.

Glycerin-based face paints tend to be a bit easier to smudge than wax-based face paints and provide a more matte look than paraffin wax-based paints. Still, they can withstand normal wearing conditions, and look beautiful all day long if not rubbed or exposed to sweat and or water.

The biggest difference with paraffin wax is that glycerin is softer, yet its consistency doesn't change much when exposed to higher temperatures, so it is a bit more stable in the heat than paraffin. Extremely hot temperatures will make it turn into a cream, while paraffin turns more into a sticky marshmallow-like consistency if overheated.

Glycerin-based face paints are especially good for creating soft smooth looking bases since it is very flexible and blendable, unlike paraffin wax which can feel a bit tighter on the skin since it is a bit thicker.


Professional face painters love to use glycerin-based face paints to create beautiful backgrounds that will not crack or flake off with movement. 


Colour: White


Quantity: 1.4 OZ


Made in USA


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Mehron Paradise Paint WHITE

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